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Badger Materials Recycling provides homeowners, contractors, and waste haulers with an alternative to landfilling or disposing of residential asphalt shingles.  Old shingles, storm damaged shingles or shingles from new construction can now be recycled and beneficially reused.  Badger Materials Recycling, LLC provides recycling services in Appleton, (Outagamie County), Delafield, (Waukesha County), and Arlington, (Columbia County) Wisconsin.  Just "Click - Above" on the facility closest to you for more information.
Residential Asphalt Shingle Recycling
New Roof Construction
Old Roof Replacement
Storm Damaged Roof - Hail Damage
Shingle Stockpile Ready For Recycling
For more information about our residential asphalt shingle recycling program feel free to contact us!
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Fun Facts About Recycling Asphalt Shingles..............
  •  Did you know that for every ton of shingles recycled conserves 1 - 55 gallon barrel of oil.
  • Did you know that for every ton of shingles recycled produces approximately 8 lb's of nails.  The nails are recycled like scrap steel.
  • Did you know that for every ton of shingles recycled saves 1 - cubic yard of airspace in a landfill.